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    If you have a prefab chimney and are experiencing a leaky or rusty chimney top problem, you should know that probably the problem isn’t the chimney itself but the chaser cover pan. All prefab chimneys feature chase covers. A chimney chase cover is a large cookie pan that fits over the top of a prefab chimney. That is what makes pre-fabricated chimneys less prone to leakages than their alternatives, the traditional mortar, and brick chimneys.

    Benefits of chimney chase covers

    Chimney chase covers are essential for topping prefab chimneys because the chimneys typically feature wood, vinyl, or metal sides. The advantage of chimney chase cover pans is that they make the water runoff entirely instead of pooling on your chimney top. They also keep out snow, leaves, and animals from your chimney.

    Common issues with chimney chase covers

    The unfortunate thing, however, is that not all chimney chase covers are created equal. Chimney chase cover materials, design, and installation matters:

    • If the installation is not done right, the chase cover allows water through leading to rusty stains.
    • Failure to couple the chase cover with a chimney cap leads to water intrusion via the fue opening.
    • Chase covers that are too flat allow water to accumulate on top, causing rust and leaks in the long run.
    If you are experiencing a leaky or rusty chimney top, therefore, it is time you replaced your chimney chase covers.

    How to choose a chimney chase cover?

    For homeowners, zero-sum thinking is a recipe for disaster. That means that when it comes to roofing and construction materials, cost-cutting hacks are only helpful in the short term, but in the long run, the structure of your house is going to fail. Chimney chase cover prices vary depending on the construction materials, but so does quality. If you want a chase cover that guarantees years of service, you are going to have to part with some substantial amount of money. But that doesn’t mean you get duped by smooth-talking contractors. I have done the homework for you and here is what you should know about chimney chase covers:

    Stainless steel chase covers are the best for residential homes

    Aluminum and galvanized steel chimney chase covers are cheap but not the best. While aluminum won’t rust, it’s too soft and also not always available in the right sizes for practical use. Galvanized steel, on the other hand, rust very quickly. Copper chase covers are of high quality but a bit overkill for residential homes usage. Copper chase covers are only suitable for those costly houses.

    24-gauge is the recommended thickness

    Stainless steel is the best chimney chase cover material. It is affordable, sturdy, and durable. Get stainless steel chase covers of 24-gauge thickness, fabricated in a metal shop.

    Collars, cross breaks, and side drops are essential too

    Good chase covers have 3-inch or 4-inch side drops. They also feature collars around the whole sheet and the cookie opening. Cross breaks are a must-have, cross breaks use diagonal creases to create a dome effect that keeps snow and ice from landing on the chase cover top.

    Style matters too

    Don’t compromise on style. The best-designed chimney chase covers keep rain, debris, and animals out while still leaving your roof looking cute. A roof, after all, is what people see when standing outside your home. Also, ensure the design doesn’t compromise the chimney draft.

    Lastly, watch out for the warrant. You want to get a chase cover from a contractor who guarantees repairs and replacements. That said, for your chimney chase cover problems in Bonsall, California, A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction have the best deals in town. This team of licensed C-39 and B-general contractors have various 24-gauge stainless steel chimney designs that come with a 50-year warranty to guarantee a lifetime fix. Feel free to check what their past clients are saying about their services on the company’s website.

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