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    A DUIN-IT Roofing and Construction Inc, Bonsall deck waterproofing services will apply some high-performance material on your deck to protect it from water damage.

    Be it on your patio, pool, or balcony; an external deck is a great chill spot. But no one wants to chill on a leaky. Deck water damage is a severe problem. Not only are you going to lose the function of your deck, but it may lead to mold and mildew problems in your home. It may also collapse, resulting in injuries and property damage. And you may need to take on a serious renovation project to set things back in good condition.

    It’s always better to be safe than sorry. Exterior deck waterproofing uses some innovative and protective sealers, membranes, or coatings resulting in a waterproof deck surface with better UV stability and excellent light reflectivity.

    The advantages of deck waterproofing

    Water and UV rays are a deck’s worst enemy. Most homeowners like wood for their decks because of the natural aesthetic appeal. But wood is the most affected by water and extreme cold. Wooden structures absorb water, swelling, and developing some nasty fungi, which begins eating away at the structure, causing rotting.

    The dangers of water damage and extreme cold include:

    · Warped boards, · Mold and mildew · Dry rotting · Weak deck structure · Diminished aesthetic appeal

    Deck waterproofing prevents water damage and protects intense UV rays. It is not just for wooden decks, but for all types of decks. A high-performance membrane or elastic coating is used to achieve a waterproof deck surface with excellent solar reflectivity.

    How often should you waterproof your deck?

    Decks waterproofing is a regular maintenance activity that should be done often to prevent rotting and keep mold out of the home. How often you should waterproof, your deck depends on the amount of rain and sun you receive.

    The golden rule is to waterproof your coveted deck once every year, especially in zones of significant rainfall. But in case of plenty of direct harmful UV rays, you may need to do it more than once a year. You can always test if the waterproofing material is still working by pouring some water on the deck and checking if it’s absorbed or not. If the water is absorbed, the waterproof material is not working, and it’s time to reapply.

    Deck waterproofing materials

    For deck waterproofing materials, you can choose between vinyl sheets or EPDM sheets, or elastic coatings. Vinyl and EPDM sheets are waterproofing membranes placed on decks surfaces then covered with tiles for a beautiful finishing. Elastic coatings are used to create a waterproof, non-slip rubberized decks surface, especially for those in high-traffic areas.

    Alternatively, you can choose to water seal the deck. Water sealers are high-performance stains applied on surfaces to prevent water damage. They come in different opacity levels and help renew color. However, water sealing doesn’t provide a high level of protection as waterproofing.

    For your exterior deck waterproofing needs in Bonsall, we’ve got you covered. We guarantee high-quality deck installation, waterproofing, resurfacing, and decorative coating. Please speak to our specialists today to find out what we can do for you.

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