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    Camp Pendleton deck waterproofing services will help protect your deck from water damage, extreme cold, and harsh UV rays. Think your deck is safe because it doesn’t rain much in Camp Pendleton? Think again. Not only does failing to waterproof your deck makes it susceptible to water damage when the rain comes, but it will also get weaker due to harsh UV rays.

    Exterior deck waterproofing applies high-performance coatings, stains, and membranes on deck, resulting in durable waterproof deck surfaces with superb solar reflectivity.

    Common Deck Waterproofing Materials

    There are various deck waterproofing materials, including elastic coatings, EPDM, and Vinyl membranes.

    Waterproof Membranes

    These are sophisticated vinyl and EPDM sheets applied on deck surfaces to provide a high level of protection. Tiles may be applied on top of the membranes for a beautiful finish. Waterproof membranes are the best materials for elevated decks, such that the area below remains dry for other uses.

    Elastic Coatings

    Elastic coatings are rubberized coatings used to achieve a durable, non-slip deck surface. They are excellent for decks in high-traffic areas, keeping the surface safe from both water and wear and tear.

    Water Sealing

    Alternatively, you can go with water sealers. Water sealing is the most common deck water damage prevention practice. High-quality stains are applied on decks surfaces to prevent water damage, protect the grain, restore color, and increase solar reflectivity. But water sealing alone is not enough; it doesn’t guarantee high-level water damage protection as waterproof membranes and elastic coatings.

    How Often Should You Waterproof Your Decks?

    How often to waterproof a deck depends on the job done. Unlike waterproofing materials, sealants do not provide a high level of protection and wear off easily. Resealing should be done once every year, depending on the weather and finishing product. On the other hand, waterproof membranes should be reapplied every two to three years.

    You can tell when to reseal or reapply waterproof material by pouring some water on the deck; if the water is absorbed, then the initial material is failing, and a new one is needed.

    The Advantages of Exterior Deck Waterproofing

    Exterior deck waterproofing helps keep it safe from water damage and UV rays damage. Water damage causes rotting when the wood develops nasty fungi, which begins to feed on the wood. Not only is this going to cause a big mold and mildew problem, but a rotting structure may cause serious injuries and property damage when it collapses.

    UV damage is another issue. When harmful radiation damage wood fibers, they cause warped, cracked, or cupped boards. In time, the deck loses its aesthetic appeal too.

    If you love your deck, protect it using both a waterproofing material and an ultra-violet light sealer. This helps keep it safe from extreme cold and extreme UV rays. It also prevents flooding as the deck sheds water easily. Waterproofed and sealed decks are easy to clean and non-slip to boot!

    For your exterior deck, waterproofing, resurfacing, and decorative coating needs in Camp Pendleton, speak to our specialists. We’ve got vast experience in the field to guarantee high-quality installations.

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