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    Do you ever stop to think about the significance of your roof? It shields you from the weather and debris. However, a roof does more than just shelter you from the exterior of the world. It is the first line of defense against damage and destruction in your home, both structurally in the sense of financial value.

    Protection from structural damage

    The drip drops of a leaky roof could throw your home into a poor state structurally. With a well-maintained roof, you wouldn’t have to worry about water damage in Cardiff by the Sea or the stormy weather that comes down from time to time.

    The attics: Your roofing protects the lofts from the wind, rain, and snow. The vents in the roof enable proper aeration in the attic, helping to reduce moisture retention. By keeping water from getting into the attics, roofing prevents drastic temperature changes in your home.

    The sidings: A well-maintained roof will also keep the sidings from deterioration. Without the sheltering, your sidings may get backed up in the sun and then heavily pounded by the rain. The result of that is deterioration and a flourish of moss and mold.

    The foundation: You also need a sturdy roof to protect your foundation. The roof collects water when it rains and protects the rest of your home from this water. Otherwise, it would slide down the side of your house and form muddy puddles around the house. In the long run, this water would sip in deeper and cause cracks in the foundation.

    Home value

    A roof can make or break your home’s curb appeal. If your roof appears weather-beaten and damaged, it sends a message that your home isn’t well maintained. Home-buyers would bid lower for it. However, if the roof is in good condition, a potential buyer would assume that the rest of the house is in good condition.

    Energy Efficiency

    Reliable roofing can save you from high energy bills at the end of the month. It is advisable to maintain a structurally sturdy roof with proper ventilation and attic insulation. That can help to prevent air leaks. Ultimately it leads to lower heating and cooling costs.

    Common roofing repairs

    Damaged shingles: Over time, your roof may sustain excessive damage from erosion, debris, and bad weather. Roofing experts can help to seal cracks in shingles, for instance, and replace the irreversibly damaged ones.

    Leaking roof: One visible sign of a leaky roof is black stains on the shingles. A roofing repair expert will investigate the extent of the leakage and the damage from it. In some cases, a small leakage may need replacement of a large section of your roof.

    Broken drip edges: In windy weather, drip edges prevent water from getting into the home through the rooftop’s side and thus help to avoid water damage on the interior walls. If they are missing or broken, there will be rotting, staining, and soil erosion around the foundation of your home.

    The red alerts for damaged roof include stains of water streaks on the wall, damaged shingles, and a non-uniform appearance. A professional roofing expert can help to find out the root cause of the damage and solve the issue once and for all.

    At A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction, we have reliable roofing experts with long-time experience in the industry. We have a reputation for excellence in roof repair/replacement in Cardiff by the Sea. Customer satisfaction is at the core of what to do. Contact us to learn more.

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