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Do you wish for more natural light into your kitchen? With structural renovation, you can transform your kitchen into a more sustainable design. For example, by knocking down that interior wall, more natural light can get into the kitchen.

What is structural renovation?

For homeowners, renovations can either be cosmetic or structural. Cosmetic renovations refer to small projects undertaken to give the home a wow factor. Activities like landscaping, re-painting, re-surfacing, adding wallpapers, and replacing window fittings figure heavily into cosmetic renovations. On the other hand, structural renovations are far from the small-scale projects that cosmetic renovation projects are. Structural renovation projects make changes to the deep structure of the property. Structural renovation is one example of renovation projects that Cardiff by the Sea homeowners can partake on to overhaul the home and make the space more liveable. Structural renovation projects might include re-design of floor plans, moving walls, construction of basements, loft conversions, re-plumbing, rewiring, and so on.

Structural renovation projects can help with the following issues.

Structural renovations are an essential part of home maintenance, especially among those with old-style homes. These usually have odd-shaped spaces that are not functional, to make them more liveable, you have to overhaul the structure. Uses of structural renovation therefore include:  Addressing wear and tear damages: Repairing old beams, installing new fixtures, roofs, plumbing systems, electrical wiring, etc.  Fixing construction mistakes: The consequences of construction mistakes include flooding, sagging roof, insufficient spaces, poor ventilation, and so on. These endanger the safety of the occupants and must be addressed immediately.  Updating the electrical system to 21st century standards.  Updating the plumbing system  Adding energy-saving features  Proofing against pests and vermin

How to start on a structural renovation project?

Any major renovation project requires a lot of planning. First, you need the funds for the project. You can use your money or get a loan to finance the project. When it comes to the loan, the chances of securing it depend on how much equity your home has, and how much value the renovation project is going to add. Watch out for the weather, the last thing you want is a missing roof during a snowstorm. A lot of renovation projects such as re-roofing, re-flooring, and pouring concrete should not be undertaken during the blizzard season. Next, please consult with a building professional because structural renovations touch on the house’s internal structure, and you don’t want to compromise its structural integrity. You also have to keep watch on electrical wiring and plumbing to avoid unnecessary damages that could inflate costs. For your Cardiff by the Sea structural renovation projects, get in touch with A-DUIN IT Roofing & Construction, Inc. We are a fully-insured and licensed team of B-general and C-39 contractors with over 40 years of experience in the building and construction. Whether it’s dealing with ventilation issues, leaky roofs, garage doors, exterior deck waterproofing, and so on, we will restore your property to decent repair. Get in touch with us today for a free quotation plus a walk-through of the entire project process.

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