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    Every homeowner needs a correctly installed roofing system, including the chimney. The primary function of a chimney unit is to exhaust combustion remnants for comfortable airflow in your home efficiently. A chimney chase cover fits a bit over the top at the outer opening. The purpose is to keep dirt, debris, small animals, and precipitation at bay.

    All chimney chase covers have to be customized by a licensed contractor to suit your chimney. A chase cover is crucial for the maintenance of your roofing system, and its damage causes vast risks. The chase cover is installed to ensure your chimney emits exhaust products and draws oxygen without faults.

    Importance of a chimney chase cover

    Chase covers are usually metal and serve as a chimney crown. It usually is installed in metal, vinyl, masonry, and wooden chimney sidings. First off, a chase cover is the primary protector against external elements that affect your chimney’s efficiency. These include animals like racoons, birds, and squirrels. Furthermore, a chimney chase cover keeps your system free from mould and mildew. Your home needs sufficient and clean air flowing 24/7.

    Top pans also prevent water, which may cause rust, from reaching the chase. Also, the covers avoid precipitation from getting to the flue. The slanting design of the cover also enables it to prevent any general water-related damages. Whenever you spot any rust stains, we recommend an immediate inspection for fixing/replacement.

    Common issues in chase covers

    If your chase cover is not installed, repaired, or replaced correctly, it is common to notice some problems. One major defect is the chase cover letting flow into your chimney. This water, in turn, ruins the material, increases fire-risk, and lowers the proficiency of your entire chimney system.

    Another problem is a flat chase cover, which results in precipitation pooling at the top. You should notice rust, which is reddish-brown, and possible leaks at the cover or chimney. Failure to having the cover reinforced with a chimney cap also causes a common issue. Water will drain into the fireplace via the flue. Water accumulating at the firebox is a significant sign your chimney chase cover needs replacing.

    Why should you choose A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction?

    If you see that your chase cover needs fixing, an inspection by a qualified contractor is a necessity. Our professionals use the right techniques to inspect your chimney system and determine proficiency and integrity. It is not surprising for you as a homeowner to overlook chimney maintenance, but our staff is always at your beck and call.

    Our company has been in the roofing and construction industry for over forty years. This means all our skilled workers have enough expertise and competence. We are a fully insured and licensed C-39 roofing and B-general contracting company. All the work our contractors do has top testimonials and high-quality.

    A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction offers up to fifty-year warranties on all complete shingle re-roofs. Not only is our work exceptional, but also affordable with fantastic customer service and care. We aim at maintaining client satisfaction and communicate directly with you throughout the project.

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