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    A DUIN-It Roofing & Construction will help you waterproof your deck using innovative and protective coatings, sealers, and membranes for a better looking, longer-lasting deck with great solar reflectivity and protection from excess cold.

    Although originally designed to withstand weather elements, all decks can stand up to the forces of nature only for too long before the structure gives in.

    Dangers of failing to waterproof your exterior deck

    The dangers of failing to waterproof your deck include warped boards, dry rot, mold, and mildew. Water is the worst enemy to any deck structure. Not only are you wasting that beautiful deck, but when you fail to waterproof it, you may be placing your family in danger of asthmatic attacks due to mold and mildew and danger of injuries if structural issues occur. Not only are you going to get inconvenienced by a leaky deck, but you may also need to replace the whole structure, an expense you could have avoided with some help from experienced deck professionals.

    What is exterior deck waterproofing?

    Exterior deck waterproofing applies high-efficiency materials onto a deck surface resulting in durable decks with excellent water-resistant and UV stability. Options for exterior deck waterproofing include:

    Water sealers

    Waterproof sealers are the most used solutions to protect decks from water damage. They help to renew color and durability while keeping the grain undamaged. Stains come in varying opacity levels from solid to semi-transparent and completely transparent stains. The durability depends on the number of pigments in the stain, the more the pigment, the durable the coating.

    Waterproof membranes

    These include Vinyl and EPDM sheets placed on deck surfaces followed by tiles for beautiful, waterproof deck surfaces. It is the best option for elevated decks, leaving the area below dry and fit for other uses.

    Elastic coatings

    If you want a durable and slip-resistant deck surface, ask for rubberized and elastic coatings. These are very suitable for decks in high-traffic areas. Not only do they keep water off the deck material, but they also keep the structure safe from heavy traffic and prevent slip-ups.

    Waterproofing your deck is important. Not only does it keep the structure safe from water damage, but the waterproof material also prevents UV damage, which might otherwise discolor the deck. Coatings and membranes also reduce scratches from heavy traffic, keeping the deck surface smooth. A waterproof deck surface is also easy to clean; you won’t need a lot of tools and detergents to make it shiny.

    For exterior deck waterproofing in Carlsbad, get in touch with A-DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction Inc. We’ve got over 40 years of experience in the roofing and construction industry, helping homeowners with deck installation, resurfacing, waterproof deck coating, among other services at reasonable and affordable prices. If you love your outdoor surfaces, make sure they are protected!

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