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If you use a prefab chimney in your home, then you are going to notice that after some time, rust coat stains start to develop on the chimney top. A leaky and rusty chimney-top problem could interfere with the fireplace, ceiling, and even the walls of your house. The good news for you is that the rust stains aren’t, probably, from the chimney itself, but the galvanized chase covers.

Prefab chimneys feature chase covers. A chimney chase cover pan is a large cookie sheet that fits over the chimney top and outer opening. It is installed upside down and has unique features that keep water from reaching the recesses of the house. It also helps to keep debris such as snow, leaves, and animals from the chimney.

Neglected waterways can interfere with the fireplace. The water will eventually make its way through the ceiling, wood, and walls causing cracks and a damp fireplace. Over time, rot also accumulates, thereby blocking the airways leading to ventilation issues. A poorly ventilated home heats and cools inappropriately, leading to massive heating bills.

Buying a chimney chase cover, therefore, is essential to dealing with leaky chimney top problems as well as birds, rodents, debris such as snow and ice. Prefab chimneys come fitted with this pan top cover. The chase cover materials can be aluminum, galvanized steel, stainless-steel, or copper. I would really avoid aluminum and galvanized steel chase covers. The bad news is that over time, these materials corrode or rust. If you notice those rust stains atop your chimney, then it is time you replaced the chase cover.

Which chimney chase cover characteristics should you look for?

Start with the material. Galvanized steel is the worst. It fares poorly against weather elements such as ice, rain, etc. Aluminum too is not suitable – it may not rust but it corrodes easily. Stainless steel is the best, it is cheap, strong and built to last. Get a stainless-steel chimney chase cover fabricated in a metal shop from 24-gauge steel.

Look for chase covers with unique features such as a drip edge and cross break. Cross break creates a dome effect using diagonal creases that keeps snow and ice from landing on top of the chimney chase cover.

Get a chimney chase cover that has a 3-inch or even 4-inch side drop. Collars are essential too. The collar should surround the whole metal sheet and the opening where the chimney comes through. And remember to focus on the warranty also.

Lastly, do it right, and you won’t need to do it twice. The best chimney chase cover contractor in town is the one who does the job tastefully, giving you a lifetime fix.

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