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    With the next season just around the corner in Encinitas, you must have heard talks about waterproofing your deck. What exactly does waterproof entail? More importantly, is it a necessity or a luxury for your deck? Answering these questions will not only shed more light on deck waterproofing in Encinitas, but it will also help you understand whether you need it or not, and why.

    What is Waterproofing?

    In its most basic application, waterproofing is a service of protecting the surface of your deck. The reason waterproofing is becoming so popular is because most homes around California have outdoor decks to enjoy the weather.

    While they may be aesthetically pleasing and functional, are susceptible to leaking or rotting from water contact. This means if you want to have a beautiful and functional deck, you should look for effective ways to keep the raw material as dry as possible.

    Is Waterproofing Effective?

    When your unprotected deck comes into contact with water, the decking materials begin to deteriorate. However, by waterproofing, you can help preserve the quality of your deck for several decades.

    There are three kinds of protective coatings, each designed for unique situations. These three kinds of waterproofing materials are;

    Waterproof membranes Various companies produce vinyl membranes to protect your deck. Waterproof membranes are a popular waterproofing option for rooftop and elevated decks. For the best results, you should have a professional apply the vinyl.

    Rubberized coating This is a preferred option to homeowners in Encinitas whose deck is made from plywood. The rubberized coating prevents the deck from getting wet or slippery.

    Water Sealer Water sealer is one of the most effective waterproofing methods. However, you should make sure that it is applied on a sunny and lengthy dry period.

    While you can apply these waterproof coats yourself, you should have a professional do it. This will guarantee your deck in Encinitas lasts long and maintains the aesthetic appeal.

    When Do You Need to Waterproof Your Deck?

    Before you waterproof your deck, you should first get an expert to look at the deck. This will help discover any current or potential issues on your deck and the best waterproof technique to use.

    There are some common warning signs that your deck may need waterproofing. If you fail to act when you notice these signs, you may end up replacing your entire deck.

    Water stains This is one of the most common signs your deck needs waterproofing. Water stains are especially notorious in rainy climates. Water stains are usually followed by rusty and loose areas underneath the deck.

    Soft spots Soft spots are a dangerous sign that your deck requires waterproofing. If you delay getting a solution, you may end up replacing your entire deck. The soft spots are somewhat visible, but you can also get an expert’s opinion.

    Peeling and cracking One of the final signs that your deck has lost its integrity is peeling and cracking. Once you notice any of these, you should immediately contact a professional waterproofing service in Encinitas.

    You don’t have to wait until it’s too late. Get your deck waterproofed before the rotting problems escalate further. Get your professional waterproofing service in Encinitas today with A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction.

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