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    So, you’ve noticed rust coat stains atop your prefab chimney? Well, you should know that the stains aren’t probably from the chimney itself but the galvanized chase cover. A chase cover pan is a large metal sheet that fits over your chimney to keep water from making its way into your chimney.

    The chase cover is like a large cookie sheet and gets installed upside down onto the chimney. Buying a cover for your chase is very important and necessary if you want years of service from your chimney.

    Chimney chase covers keep water from coming down into the home and making a mess of everything. Neglected water lets interfere with the fireplace. The water soaks into the wood, walls, and ceiling, thereby damaging the integrity of your house structure. Rot also accumulates and, in turn, blocks airways leading to ventilation problems and massive house warming and cooling bills. Chimney chase covers are useful in the following ways:

    – Keep water from entering your chimney

    – Keep out debris such as snow, critters, leaves, etc

    – Keep birds, rodents, and other small animals from turning the chimney fue into their homes.

    But over time most prefab chimney chase covers rust due to horrible weather elements such as snow, ice, water making a mess turning your beloved chimney top into a mess. Those leakages and rust stains on your chimney are, therefore, the indication that it is time you replaced the chase cover of your chimney.

    Chimney chase covers fit over the top and the outer opening of the chimney chase. It is, therefore, crucial that you pay for a cover that installs correctly and is specially designed to provide years of service. And while you are at it, get something that leaves your chimney looking cute: That is a lifetime fix!

    Contactors offer chimney chase covers of various construction materials and styles. These include:

    Aluminum: Won’t rust but too soft and also not always available in the right sizes for practical use.

    Galvanized steel: cheap but rusts quickly creating the need for a do it again operation

    Stainless steel: A sensible choice, string and built to last

    Copper: high quality but expensive

    With so many chase covers available, it is up to you then to select the best covering engineered for your flue type and with outside mounting that provides enough airspace for the optimal draft.

    Do it right, lest you end up doing it twice! When fitting new chase covers, I would think twice before ponying up for galvanized material. In the long run, galvanized chase covers make your rusting and leaking chimney top problems worse.

    The Recommendations for the best chimney chase cover

    Use chimney chase covers constructed from 24-gauge stainless steel. Get one designed in a metal fabrication shop and ensure it includes drip edge and diagonal creases (cross break). Cross Break add on is essential as it creates a dome effect to keep snow and ice from pouring on top of the chase cover.

    Good chase covers have a 3- or 4-inch side drop and two collars, one surrounding the whole metal sheet and the other top collar where your chimney comes up through. And ensure the chase cover has a warranty.

    For the best chimney chase cover in Escondido, California, contact A DUIN-IT Roofing&Construction Inc, they have the best-in-class chimney chase covers in town. Plus there 40 years of experience in the business guarantees that you get the correct installation. DUIN-IT offers 24-gauge stainless steel chimney chase covers, among other standard sizes.

    All specially constructed to suit your aesthetic requirements. Steel is an affordable, stronger, and durable material, and DUIN-IT chase covers guarantee a lifetime fix. Check the testimonials on their website at aduinitconstruction.com. All DUIN-IT roofing and construction materials carry a 50-year warranty!

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