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    Your exterior deck is an essential asset to your home. Regardless of your material choice, an exterior deck offers several opportunities and benefits. First, you get the aesthetic appeal that can match your home design or the natural surroundings. The exterior deck also allows you to extend the square footage of your home, allowing you extra space, especially during summer, for relaxing and cooking and even hosting parties.

    The added space is also excellent for hosting parties and get-togethers. There is also extra space under the deck, which can be used for storage. All these benefits add extra value to your home while being inexpensive to maintain.

    Ultimately, the deck is an investment that costs you money to get set and will lose your home value if you do not take steps to maintain it in its excellent condition. Waterproofing is the primary maintenance requirement.

    Signs your deck needs waterproofing.

    Professional analysis is needed to determine if you need waterproofing. However, if you miss the early signs, these others will let you know when waterproofing is long overdue.

    1. Water stains are the main sign to know you need to take action. You will spot the stains in the form of rusty points and loose spots.

    2. Soft spots in the wood are also another signal, and they indicate a greater risk of deck collapse if not repaired and proofed.

    3. Cracking and peeling on the wood signal water leaking inside the wood, causing the peels and cracks.

    4. The age of the deck is also another factor that determines when you need waterproof. Older decks require resealing every 12 to 18 months.

    Benefits of waterproofing

    Proofing offers several advantages on your deck and house in general. The three main benefits are;

    1. It helps prevent moisture problems that result in plenty of wear and tear, affecting your deck’s integrity, causing cracks, and even fostering the growth of mold.

    2. It prevents dry rot caused by fungi, making the wood stiffy and giving it a spongy consistency. The problem with dry rot is its unsightly look and also compromises its structural integrity.

    3. It adds to the durability of the deck. Waterproofing and sealing your deck extend the lifetime by preventing damage from moisture exposure.

    Why you need a professional for your deck waterproofing

    It is easy to turn water decking into a DIY project, yet there are several reasons why you should not. A professional Escondido exterior deck waterproofing company offers the following advantages.;

    First, the professional is in a better position to choose the right sealant for waterproofing. A professional knows which one will last longer and is the best fit for your deck and circumstances. Secondly, they also ensure you do not end up making mistakes when waterproofing, which compromises the quality of the proofing. Finally, the professionals save you time and labor costs allowing you to focus on your other tasks.

    Why choose A DUIN-IT Roofing and Construction

    Finding the right company to do your deck waterproofing in Escondido is essential because you want your investment to pay off and last. At A DUIN-IT Roofing and Construction, we ensure you get the right quality worth your investment. We have over 40 years of experience, and with the latest technology and equipment, our quality of work is above industry standards.

    We also guarantee it with extensive warranties that protect your investment. We are as well fully insured and licensed, which ensures you are not exposed to any risks while at the same time assured of the quality we have. We offer our services at an affordable cost, so call us today and proof your deck for winter.

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