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    There’s nothing worse on a rainy day than seeing water trickling from the ceiling of your home. The sudden realization that your roof isn’t in as good a shape as you thought coupled with worry over the damage that water is likely doing can be hard to deal with. You also can’t do much about it until the rain stops. Fortunately if you are in need of Escondido roofing repair then A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction can get your roof back into tip-top shape in next to no-time at a competitive price. Here are a few of the more common repairs that might need to be done to your roof.

    Shingle Repairs

    Shingles are a common surface material for roofs and tend to be the most common part of the roof in need of repair. High winds and other weather events can disturb them and service people doing repairs to air conditioning, chimneys, and other items on the roof can damage them while walking about on the roof. Once damaged a shingle will generally need to be replaced. Since shingles come in a variety of styles it’s best to get a professional to replace them for you as they will be in a better position to match the correct style shingle for your roof.

    Fascia Repairs

    The fascia stops wind, water, and dust from intruding under the edge of the roof. It is generally made from a solid wooden board and is subject to rot, mold, and cracking among other issues. The paint or other surface on the fascia should be occasionally checked to see if it needs re-doing as leaving the wood underneath exposed to the elements will cause it to degrade. Cracks and holes in the fascia board can generally be repaired with sealant but for larger scale degradation the fascia will need to be replaced.

    Soffit Repairs

    For roof overhangs the soffit protects the underside of the roof from moisture and weather. The soffit prevents moisture from getting in to the attic area of the roof and some soffit designs may provide ventilation to allow fresh air in and trapped moisture out. The soffit also helps stop pest animals from making a home in your roof space. Because they hang downward the soffit panels can break loose due to high winds or other issues and may need to be fixed or replaced.

    Flashing Repairs

    Flashing is used to bridge the gaps in any joins in your roof. If it becomes damaged water can find its way into the roof space and into your home. In many cases flashing may be custom fitted to a roof and may require some expertise to fashion a replacement piece.

    Gutter Repairs

    Gutters are used to carry water away from the roof and away from where it would cause problems with the house foundations. This makes the gutters on you house a maintenance priority. The simplest maintenance required for gutters is to keep them free of debris that can block them up and encourage corrosion by trapping moisture. They also need to be checked occasionally for any leaks that may have developed as a result of corrosion or broken seals. Small holes and cracks can be fixed with silicone sealant, but larger scale degradation will normally require the gutter section to be replaced.

    So those are a few different types of roof repairs that might be required. For your Escondido roofing repair needs A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction can fix these and many other roofing issues for you. Roofing repair is a dangerous business so choosing a professional is a smart move that might save you from more than just a shoddy roof repair if you have an accident while trying to repair the roof yourself.

    We service all of Escondido, including areas near: Daley Ranch, North Broadway, Midway, Eureka, East Grove, Felicita, Lake Hodges, West Ridge, Cloverdale, Reidy Creek Golf Course, North County Cemetery District, Ryan Park, Kit Carson Park, Felicita County Park, Palomar Medical Center Escondido, and the Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve.

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