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    If you have a prefabricated roof, i.e., a roof that was prebuilt in a factory before it was installed on your house, one of the things you’ll need to replace from time to time is the chimney chase cover. Chase covers are metallic lids designed to protect the chimney and your house from leaks, debris, and critters. They are essential to the lifespan of your chimney and your roof.

    Do you need to replace your chimney chase cover?

    You can tell your chimney chase cover is damaged or worn out by looking out for the following signs:

    – Rust falling down to your fireplace or leaking down the sides of the chimney stack

    – Puddles of water around the fireplace or dripping sound when it rains

    Replacing a chimney chase cover more often than not requires professional assistance. It’s not impossible to do it yourself, but keeping in mind that even the slightest errors in placement may result in leaks, it’s best not to take chances.

    What do you need to know before buying a chase cover?

    Finding a cover that’s right for your chimney is obviously important. You don’t want it to be ill-fitting or not capable of protecting it from moisture and foreign objects. More importantly, it should be built to last and using quality materials.

    What are the three important things you should consider before buying a chase cover?

    How it will look on your chimney

    Aesthetics tend to get overlooked when buying a chimney chase cover, not because they’re unimportant, but because most homeowners shop for utility rather than appearance. It doesn’t matter whether you settle for stainless steel or aluminum; you can have your chimney chase cover customized to look appealing. This can be achieved perhaps through a specific color finish or a unique design. Remember, if you go with a painted finish, you’ll have to repaint it every year or so.

    Its design and specifications

    Picking a cover with the exact specifications you need is crucial. The rule of thumb is to allow an overhang of about ¼ or an inch all around as well as a 1/8 to ¼-inch space between the cover and the chase for ventilation purposes. You don’t want a chimney chase cover that’s too tight because of moisture buildup.

    The ideal chimney chase cover must have cross-breaks (supportive beams running diagonally from corner to corner) to prevent them from caving in from the weight of water. Most of them also have a side drop for better runoff; some even have a 2-inch tall top collar.

    The material it’s made of

    There are four types of materials to choose from galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and copper.

    Stainless steel – The strongest, most durable chase covers are made of stainless steel. It is typically more expensive than galvanized steel and lasts much longer compared to chase covers of other materials.

    Aluminum – Aluminum chase covers are neither practical nor common. Though it can resist rust, aluminum is too brittle, and therefore very easily damaged and deformed.

    Copper – Copper is the best choice as far as chase cover materials are concerned. Unfortunately, it is not cheap. Chimney chase covers made out of copper tend to be exorbitantly priced, even though their quality warrants it.

    Galvanized steel – The cheapest chase covers are usually made from galvanized steel, which is easily available. It’s not immune to rust, so such chase covers demand constant maintenance, not to mention numerous replacements over time.

    A DUN-IT Roofing & Construction company brings you comprehensive building and repair solutions for your home or place of business. We offer high-quality chimney chase covers for all types of setups and provide services like renovation, remodeling, and waterproofing. Fallbrook chimney chase covers need to be strong enough to survive wet weather, which is why we spare no expense when taking on such projects.

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