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    Who wants a leaky exterior deck? At the very least, a leaky deck is an inconvenience and an expense. You not only lose your chilling spot, but neglected deck leaks result in rotting requiring big-time renovation projects. You may even need to replace the whole structure. What a waste!

    It’s well known that ‘Prevention is better than cure.’ Most decking materials like wood and concrete eventually give in to the forces of nature. Still, there’s so much you can do to give you lovely deck a fighting chance for decent years of service using sealers, coatings, or waterproof membranes to prevent water damage.

    Exterior deck waterproofing applies some high-performance materials resulting in a waterproof, durable, and hard deck surface. Some may follow with a color treatment for superb solar reflectivity and UV stability.

    Common problems with failing to waterproof your deck include:

    Warped boards: Wooden decks absorb water swelling over time and get warped if not waterproofed.

    Mold or mildew: Damp deck surfaces encourage mold and mildew activity, which should be a cause of concern for everyone given asthma is increasingly affecting 3 in 10 children and 1 in 10 adults in the developed world.

    Dry rot: Certain fungi species may also start to digest your wooden deck. Not only does this give your deck a bad look, but with time, it weakens the structure making it dangerous to stand and walk on.

    Waterproofing can help avoid or stop these issues. A collapsing deck causes significant damage to your property and may even leave occupants with injuries. Don’t learn it the hard way, get your deck waterproofed immediately. Here is what a contractor may use to protect your deck from water damage:

    Options for waterproofing your deck

    Depending on the design and location of your deck, you have the following option to waterproof it:

    1. Sealers

    Applying a water sealer is a common solution to the water damage issue. Water sealers provide some level of protection against moisture and UV rays. In fact, experts say it should be done every 1-3 years. Of course, this depends on the sun exposure, use, and quality of the finishing product. A water sealed deck looks better and lasts longer.

    2. Waterproof membranes

    Vinyl membranes can also be used to prevent water damage. It’s the most popular choice for rooftop or elevated decks as water runs off the raised deck’s edges, leaving the underside dry for other uses, including storage. EPDM sheets work as excellent as Vinyl membranes, too, and tiles may be placed on the membranes for both functional and aesthetic appeal.

    3. Elastic coatings

    Elastic and rubberized coatings are also excellent exterior deck waterproofing materials. Not only do they repel water, but also the slip-resistant surface increase safety. Decking tiles may also be used to boost the aesthetic appeal.

    Okay, homeowners, a waterproof deck looks better and lasts longer, but that is not the last piece of good news. Waterproofed decks are also safer and easy to clean, just a bucket of water and soap for a shiny deck surface.

    For exterior deck waterproofing in Fallbrook, A-DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction Inc has got you covered. With over 40-years in the industry, we guarantee superior results in deck installation, waterproof deck coating, resurfacing, stains, decorative coating, and much more. Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you.

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