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    Although, reasons for home renovation differ from one homeowner another, for most of them is usually to increase their home’s value, energy efficiency, and appearance. You renovate because you want your house to not only feel comfortable but also to look more beautiful.

    The importance of home remodeling

    Sales Potential

    Your home’s look is very vital when it comes to enhancing its value. Clean shutters, fresh painting, neat landscaping as well as a new roof, are great ways to improve curb appeal if you want to sell.

    To save

    Are you spending thousands on utilities? Replace the single-panel windows with energy-efficient ones, and you will save a considerable amount in monthly bills.

    Preparing for retirement

    Are you preparing for retirement? Upgrade your house with senior-years feature like an easy step-in shower bars or install toilets that allow wheelchairs in or cater to people with disabilities.

    Kitchen is where the heart is

    A kitchen is a home’s heart. Actually, it is where your family, as well as friends, spend their time mostly. So install a new stove, put in new cabinets, and replace the refrigerator to make it aesthetically pleasing and functional.

    Say no to embarrassment.

    Do you dread inviting your friends or relatives over because they will laugh at your outdated colors in the bathroom, living room, or kitchen behind your back. Consider new counter-tops and fresh paint. You will feel way better next time you invite them over.

    Your home feels 1800BC

    Paint the baseboards and walls. You will clean and fresh. This is an excellent option for people with a limited budget.

    Avoid the hassle of buying a new home.

    Looking for a new house can be time-consuming and stressful. Instead of looking for that ideal house, why don’t you upgrade the kitchen, bathroom, or remove that wall that has been disturbing you for ages?

    Common issues that come up during the remodeling process


    Issues come up when asbestos breaks down into a powder that can be inhaled. The fibers usually cause severe damage to the lungs. As such, if your remodeling involves coming in contact with the material, make sure you hire a qualified contractor.

    Lead Paint

    Compact lead paint is not bad; however, issues may occur when it chips, peels, or breaks down. Renovation can generate a significant amount of dust, causing lead paint to break. We are not only certified by EPA for lead safety but also know how to check the lead presence and create a safe working environment.

    Poor Maintenance

    Maintaining a home and fixing issues whenever they occur is important to preserving its structure. Regular maintenance can minimize repair costs in the future.

    Why they should choose A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction

    Almost everybody has either had a bad tale about their home remodeling project or has heard at least one or two. The main reason behind this is that people usually cause their problems by undervaluing the project or hiring the wrong company.

    Think about everything that has changed since the ’90s. Modern materials are smart and energy-efficient. Also, over the past 20 years, there has been a shift towards functional living spaces and more open areas. And if a company doesn’t keep up with the trend, it is likely to give their poor services. And that is where we come in handy.

    There are modern ways to build homes and regulations that prohibit the use of some building materials that can adversely affect the safety and health of residents and contractors. As experienced home remodelers, we keep ourselves updated on trends and handle all the basics when revamping a home. Our experts appreciate the craftsmanship, architecture, character, and history of all types of homes and work with owners to bring out the best in their nests.

    For every unappealing home renovation story, we have hundreds of successful projects that were free of heartache and drama. We understand that for every project to be successful as contractors, we have to be your partner, somebody you can trust. That is why we sell value, manage expectations, own all issues, and deliver results. We will do everything possible to prevent nightmares and make your dreams a reality.

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