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    Without a regular Fallbrook solar panel cleaning, your solar panels will definitely not perform well as they used to!

    Why You Need Solar Panel Cleaning Service?

    Let’s take a car for an illustrative example. A car that’s regularly maintained, well-oiled, and serviced on time runs better, and guess what? It’s the same with your solar panels. So do not be surprised that your solar panels are not doing their job efficiently as they used to if you are neglecting their cleaning.

    If you are like the vast majority of homeowners, then you like to keep your windows spotlessly, crystal clear, and free of grime. So, why should solar panel cleaning be an exception?

    Why Choose A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction Solar Panel Expert Cleaning Services?

    The answer is quite simple – because solar panel cleaning is something we do BEST!

    We are knowledgable and experienced in cleaning large scale solar farms to complex solar panel projects, and absolutely everything in-between.

    Our custom designed roof top solutions and vast experience allow us to execute every single project in a professional and timely manner – regardless of how small or big the project is. There is no too small job for us!

    By working diligently, hand in hand with our dear clients, we have shown our will and ability to go above and beyond the client’s expectations by following the highest industry standards!

    How Often Should You Get Your Solar Panels Cleaned?

    Let’s make one thing crystal clear – every solar array is a story for itself – it’s unique. How often should you get your solar panels cleaned is tightly connected to different environmental factors.

    You should pay special attention to all those panels installed in dirtier areas. For example. Solar panels situated by the sea, or maybe to the main road with a lot of traffic, or even near farmland should be cleaned more often because of the dust build-up.

    Lichen and bird feces is also at the top list of culprits when it comes to factors that determine how often should you get your solar panels cleaned.

    When your solar panels are dirty, and they remain so for a quite long period, plus you neglect their cleaning, they will start suffering from modular shading.

    Unfortunately, that’s not all. It’s also likely that permanent module staining appears too, which could be devastating for your budget.

    Our experience tells us that residential solar panels require semi-annual cleaning or at least annual, while city, agricultural, and dirtier places require an even more frequent solar panel cleaning schedule.

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    We truly know that you have other living expenses, so we did our best to adjust our prices to be available to all our dear fellow Fallbrook citizens. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to call us and find out why we have been leaders in this business for many years! We promise to deliver top solar panel cleaning results!


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