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Among the details that are worth pausing when looking at the roofs of buildings and single-family homes, we are going to focus here on the need, or not, to install a chimney chase cover.

Given that many owners are unaware of the usefulness of the chase cover, believing that it is a purely decorative element that may or may not be included randomly depending on tastes, in these lines we will explain its functional reasons.

So we are going to explain to you what are the advantages of putting a chase cover on a chimney.

Reasons and Benefits for Installing a chimney chase cover

Installing a chimney chase cover gives you the following general benefits:

1- Prevent rainwater from penetrating through the smoke outlet, oxidizing the elements of the installation.
2- Eliminate the possibility that the ingress of water carries soot and other dirt with the possibility of internal overflow.
3- A chimney chase cover reduces the formation of bird nests that may prevent the evacuation of smoke to the outside.

In addition, some types of chimney chase covers offer other more specific features.

Why put on a chase cover to prevent rainwater from entering the duct?

Because generally in wood-burning fireplace installations, the smoke vents are made up of straight tubes that connect the insert, stove or fireplace to the outside of the roof.

This means in most cases that rainwater and snow enter through the tube, which may not be affected if it is made of stainless steel, but which will cause oxidation deterioration on the inserts and cast iron or sheet stoves. , shortening its useful life, or falling directly into the fireplace causing problems inside, without a chase cover.

In addition, the chimney chase cover prevents the entry of rainwater from dragging the black remains of soot deposited inside the duct, which can invade the ashtray, and then spread on the pavement, generating stains with an unpleasant smell and difficult cleaning.

When the installation has an elbow, and a T with a condensation register, ending in a straight tube, the rainwater that enters could leave through the anti-condensation zone as long as it is connected to a solution that evacuates the water to the outside, although this does not ensures that the above problem does not occur in heavy rain.

The chimney chase covers prevent the birds from nesting in the upper part of the chimney smoke outlet duct in times when they are not lit, mainly some models of aspirator chase covers, which have blades in continuous movement, which help to avoid the proximity of birds.

In addition, the use of a chase cover for a chimney prevents the fuel from being consumed by burning faster than necessary.

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