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    A chimney chase cover is a metal structure placed on top of a chimney chase to protect the chimney against weather elements, debris, and animals. As such, they are an essential part of the maintenance of your fireplace and often the first place you should look at when having issues with your chimney. The chase covers usually come with extended sloping sides to direct water away from the chimney and the sides of the chase. Chimney chase covers are available in different metal materials, but the major four kinds are:

    – Galvanized Steel makes the cheapest kind of covers, but it is also prone to rusting necessitating replacement frequently.

    – Aluminum is resistant to rust but tends to be too soft, and it also not widely available.

    – Stainless Steel is usually resilient and affordable, making it the preferred choice in most cases.

    – Copper makes the highest quality of chase covers but also the most expensive ones in terms of cost, making it prohibitive to some, especially in residential homes.

    Weather elements like snow and water, debris, and animals all pose the risk of damaging your chimney. Water, not only can damage the chimney structure, but it can also damage the fireplace parts. It also leads to the growth of mildew and mold, causing various health conditions and causes rusting of metal components. Pests can gain entry of your house through an uncovered chimney causing damage to other property and even passing diseases.

    Besides, the animals can start nesting in your chimney, and their wastes and activity compromise the structural integrity of the chimney. The nests, along with other objects like dried leaves and sticks, also block up the chimney preventing adequate drafting in the chimney, which causes stuffiness and smoke in the house while also increasing the risk of chimney fires.

    A good chimney cover ensures you prevent all these risks. However, installing one is not the end of the process. Most chimney chase covers are not built to last ages, and the exposure to changing extremes of weather often weakens them making them degrade even faster. Most cheap options hardly last beyond five years. Several issues require a chimney cover to be replaced or repaired. The most common ones are:

    – Rusting

    – Staining the chase siding

    – Chase wood rotting

    – Sunken chase cover along the flue

    – Mold inside the chimney

    – Cracking and deterioration of the old caulk

    Most of these problems are a result of either using cheap chase covers made from delicate materials, poor installation, or aging of the chase covers. The solutions depend on each particular case and extent of the damage. They range from repairs, extending chase covers to complete replacement of the chase covers, especially in the case of rust.

    The position of chimney chase covers makes it difficult to notice problems developing early enough. Still, any presence of water in the fireplace from the chimney, as well as stained sides of the chase or chase cover, should alert you to a severe problem.

    Working with the right contractor when installing, inspecting, or replacing chase covers is the only way to guarantee thorough work and quality parts being used. At A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction, we provide you with over 40 years of experience in the roofing industry. We are aware of the challenges and the best solutions. As a fully licensed and insured firm, our clients can trust in our skills, quality solutions, and products.

    Top-Notch customer service ensures we maintain transparency and direct communication with you and find a solution that best suits your needs. Every solution is considered after a thorough inspection process, and all our services are affordable, and our work backed with warranties.

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