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    Also known as a top pan, a chimney chase cover is a piece of metal used to cover the top of a chimney. It is placed directly over a chimney that may contain vinyl siding, wood or metal.

    An Oceanside chimney chase cover is essential in that it protects the chimney from damage by preventing pests, water, animals such as rats, and litter that would cause damage from entering the chimney or clogging it. This is possible as the chimney chase covers only leave space small enough for smoke to pass through.

    Like everything that’s man-made, the chimney chase covers have problems that need to be addressed for the sake of efficiency. Such issues that arise are:

    1. When the chimney chase covers are installed alone. A chimney chase cover should not be installed alone. It should be installed together with a chimney cap to ensure that water does not enter the chimney.

    2. If a chimney chase cover is installed in a flat position, water will stall on the chimney chase cover, which will eventually lead to rust and damage to the metal.

    3. Poor installation of the chimney chase cover will lead to water entering the chimney. When water enters the chimney, damages such as rust and decay of the chimney will occur, leading to unnecessary additional repair costs.

    There are two significant instances where any homeowner will need a chimney chase cover:

    1. When a person is building their house and need to cover the chimney.

    2. When the current chimney chase cover has deteriorated with evidence of rust showing at the sides of the chimney.

    Given the situations as mentioned above, your first step should be to contact DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction. A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction have over 40 years of experience.

    As soon as you contact A DUIN-IT, we will run an inspection and determine the best fit and material for your cover. You will also receive advice on the quality of material to use, and we will give you options such as stainless steel or copper metal as the best choice. Stainless steel and copper are known to last long with no rust at all, offering you a lifetime of rust-free and stress-free chimney experiences. No one wants to light a fire and discover a lifetime of bird nests in their chimney.

    Repairs or installations will then be made to your chimney using the best quality materials as agreed upon by you, all within a reasonable price range.

    At A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction, we are known for our commendable customer service. We ensure that all the risks of a poorly installed chimney chase cover have been addressed and even carry out a follow up after to ensure that all is well. Give us a call, and your problems will be addressed, ensuring 100% satisfactory work.

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