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    When it comes to selecting fireplace systems for renovated or newly constructed homes, homeowner option is either a prefab chimney or a traditional masonry chimney. Of the two types of chimneys, it’s the prefab that is less likely not to leak because they feature chase covers.

    What is a chimney chase cover?

    A chimney chase cover pan is a large metallic cookie sheet that is installed upside down over a prefab chimney. It fits over the top and outer opening of the chimney to keep water from entering your prefab fireplace.

    Neglected waterways can damage the integrity of your roofing structures, fireplace, and walls. Over time, water coming in through the chimney eventually makes its way into the woods and walls, causing rot and cracks. The result is poor ventilation, and we know what the repercussions – house cooling and warming problems resulting in massive heating bills.

    The benefits of chimney chase cover therefore are:

    • It keeps water from entering your home through the chimney openings.
    • It keeps debris such as leaves and snow from blocking the chimney openings.
    • It keeps away animals that tend to make the chimney their home.

    The unfortunate thing is that eventually, over time, chimney chase cover loses integrity, and you start experiencing the leaky chimney problem. If you are experiencing a leaky and rusty chimney top issue, then probably the problem isn’t the chimney itself but the chase cover. The solution, therefore, is to replace the chimney chase cover.

    Not all chimney chase covers are created equal

    Chimney chase covers are available in various material and size options. Not all chimney chase covers are created equal. Roofing contractors usually offer chimney chase covers made of:
    • Aluminum
    • Galvanized steel
    • Stainless steel
    • Copper

    Which chimney chase cover characteristics should you look for?

    When it comes to roofing for your home, you have got to do it right, so you won’t need to do it twice. Here’s how to pick a chimney chase cover for your prefab chimney:
    Stay clear of aluminum or galvanized chimney chase covers –

    They are cheap, yes, but these materials do not fare well against the beatdown by horrid weather elements. Aluminum is soft and galvanized steel rusts quickly.

    Copper is good but damn expensive –

    Copper chase cover pans are high quality, but unless yours is one of those costly houses, copper chase cover is going to be overkill in your residential home.

    Stainless steel chimney chaser cover pans are the best –

    Stainless steel is cheap yet strong and durable. It is affordable and the best material choice for chimney chase covers. 24-gauge stainless steel thickness is the best.

    Collars and cross break –

    These include cross breaks to keep snow and ice from landing on the chase cover pan top. Collars around the whole sheet and the cookie opening where the chimney comes out are necessary too to act as extra sealants.

    Airspace –

    Ensure the chase cover designs provides excellent airspace for the optimal draft.

    Lastly, focus on the warranty.

    You want to work with a contractor that guarantees repairs or refunds in case the chase cover doesn’t work according to expectations.

    That said, when it comes to choosing a contractor for your chimney chase cover is Ranch Santa Fe, California, A DUIN-IT ROOFING & CONSTRUCTION can guarantee you a lifetime fix to your rusty or leaky chimney top menace. This is a team of licensed C-39 and B-general contractors that offer various 24-gauge thickness stainless steel chase cover designs to keep water and debris out of your house while leaving the roof looking magnificent too. Check out past client testimonials on their website. They guarantee a 50-year warranty on their roofing materials.

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