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    San Marcos exterior deck waterproofing services will help protect your deck from water damage and harsh UV rays. Water and solar rays are a deck’s worst enemy, especially the wooden decks. It doesn’t rain much in San Marcos compared to the rest of the U.S, but when it does, you will be grateful you waterproofed your coveted deck.

    Unprotected decks absorb water, develop nasty fungi, and rot over time, causing big-time mold and mildew problems in your home. They also damage easily because of UV rays losing their shine.

    As a homeowner, it’s always better to stay safe than sorry. While most decks cannot withstand the forces of nature for long, there’s so much you can do to prolong their lifespan.

    Exterior deck waterproofing applies special membranes or elastic coatings on decks to achieve waterproof surfaces with excellent UV stability.

    The advantages of waterproofing your decks include:

    · It prevents water damage · It prevents UV damage · It keeps mold and fungi off the property · Makes the surface easy to clean · Prolongs the lifespan of the structure · Results in a non-slip surface

    How often should you waterproof your decks?

    Exterior deck waterproofing is a regular maintenance activity that should be done once every year or sooner than that in areas of great rainfall and UV rays.

    Experts say you can tell it’s time to re-apply the waterproofing material if when water is poured on the deck surface, it gets absorbed. A DUIN-IT deck waterproofing, resurfacing, and decorative coating will help you get your deck back in great condition.

    Types of deck waterproofing

    Your deck should be sealed then waterproofed. Sealing alone is not enough; while high-performance coatings help prevent water damage, they do not offer a high protection level as waterproof membranes and elastic coatings. Here is a breakdown of all materials used in deck sealing and waterproofing:

    Decorative coatings and stains

    These are materials used to increase the aesthetic appeal of your deck. They do not protect in any way.

    Sealants and waterproofing materials

    Sealants and waterproofing materials are not the same. Water sealants are high-performance stains applied on deck surfaces to prevent water damage. They come in various opacity levels, from transparent to opaque. They also help restore color and increase solar reflectivity, preventing UV damage.

    Waterproofing materials, on the other hand, include elastic coatings, EPDM, and vinyl membranes. These are applied on deck surfaces, and then tiles can be used as finishing to boost the look.

    Waterproofing pool decks

    Pool deck waterproofing requires a bit more work and additional products. The basics of sealing, staining, and waterproofing are used along with extra touches to ensure a non-slip surface.

    The language of deck waterproofing and water sealing is a bit confusing for the everyday homeowner. To help you get what you require, our professionals are on the call. With over 40-years in the business, we guarantee high-quality deck installations, deck coating, resurfacing, and much more. Contact us today for a free quotation for our services!

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