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    If you are experiencing issues at your place due to old or improper installations, then it’s time for a structural renovation project. Most structural renovations projects are done to restore old or damaged properties to descent repair and thus make them more functional and safer for occupants.

    However, most property owners often confuse remodeling and renovation. While both terms refer to the use of precise changes to make a property more functional, structural renovation is far from the large-scale project that remodeling is.

    Remodeling vs structural renovation

    Remodeling is usually a redesigning project aimed to change the usage of a property or area of the property. Remodeling projects are typically large-scale and therefore costs more than structural renovation.

    Renovation, on the other hand, mostly refers to projects like re-surfacing, re-painting, installation of new fixtures. Renovation is not aimed to change how a property is used, just fixing it to descent repair. A renovation project can be small-scale or extensive, depending on the extent of the structural issue.

    But both remodeling and renovation make a property more functional and boost its value. Your property is an investment that must be kept in mint condition. Otherwise, you risk losing your money. Renovation ideas like re-painting, installation of new fixtures, etc. will boost the value of your property when you put it on the market.

    When deciding on a structural renovation, therefore, put the likely return on investment in mind and select a contractor that can deliver decent and quality repair works; otherwise, you risk not getting your money’s worth.

    For your structural renovation in San Marcos therefore, give A-DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction, Inc a call. A-DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction is a licensed and fully insured team of C-39 and B-general contractors with more than 40 years of experience helping property owners with their renovation and remodeling projects.

    When are you going to need to renovate your property?

    A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction is specialized in dealing with roofing structures, doors, plumbing system, outdoor structures such as decks, etc. in case decay, wear and tear, floods or any other horrible event has wreaked havoc on your property they can help in the following ways:

    Fixing wear and tear damages: Cracks on the wall, leaky roof problems, old roofing structures, damaged ceilings, broken sinks, rusty and broken pipes, etc.

    Exterior deck water-proofing

    Fixing construction mistakes: loose shingles, poorly sealed roof valleys, crack, poor ventilation, cluttered bathroom, etc.

    Dealing with plumbing issues: Rusty sinks and pipes, clogged or broken pipes, etc.

    Upgrading the electrical and plumbing system to meet new design standards. Did you know that electrical code requires bathrooms to have separate GCFI protected circuits from the rest of the property?

    Garage door upgrade

    There you go; structural renovation projects are essential for property maintenance. You may need a renovation project to fix wear and tear damages, rectify construction mistakes, fix abrupt damages left behind by weather elements, accidents, or intentional property sabotage. Structural renovation of house systems can also be done to bring these systems to modern design standards.

    For your structural renovation projects in San Marcos get in touch with A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction, Inc for quality restoration works.

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