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    Outdoor decks are beautiful and functional. You can use it as a place to relax during the mid-day. At dusk, you can turn it into a splendid entertainment spot with dinner under the stars. But with it constantly exposed to the elements, all that beauty, functionality, and money can go to waste. That’s why it is necessary to waterproof your exterior deck in Temecula.

    Safety From Water damage

    Water is a destroyer of decks. That could be water from the rain, spills, or leaks. Waterproofing your deck improves its resilience against water damage. It helps to prevent mold, erosion, and wood rot.

    The damage occurs via multiple pathways. Your wooden deck can absorb the water and become soggy. It would thus be susceptible to mold and rot. The other is contraction and expansion. A mix of water, UV rays, and high temperatures can cause your deck to crack, warp, and fade.

    Waterproofing your deck minimizes these risks. High-quality sealants, stains, and coats are used in the processes to make your decks impervious to water. The result is fewer repairs, a beautiful appearance, and a longer lifespan.

    Safety From the Long-Term Damage of Water

    Someone may be quick to shrug off the importance of waterproofing a deck. It rained a couple of times, maybe, and their deck still looks as good as new.

    The truth is, water damage on exterior decks happens gradually. A few months or years from now, you may wake up to find your deck looking nothing like the luxe place you once knew. If you had the time to do a regular inspection, maybe you would have spotted the wood’s gradual deterioration.

    But waterproofing takes care of everything. Your deck will remain protected and shielded from the adversities of weather. Maintenance becomes cheaper.

    Concrete Decks Are Not Immune to Water Damage Either

    Discoloration, dampness, and mold from water damage are not limited to wooden decks. Even your concrete deck needs waterproofing. The destruction and the costs here are maybe even more than the case of wooden decks.

    Excess moisture expands the spaces between grains of cement. The increased space reduces compaction and drastically undermines the durability and compressive strength of your deck. The impact of evaporation and temperature changes can then lead to cracking and chipping.

    Further, the PH level of concrete is directly affected by water and temperature. High humidity can elevate the concrete’s PH level on your exterior deck and lead to structural weakness. Waterproofing takes care of these problems.

    Protection From Damage and Deterioration from Ice

    Temecula may get fewer inches of rainfall than the rest of the country, but extreme weather can still damage your deck. If your deck isn’t properly sealed and waterproofed, excessive sun and rain can leave it severely damaged.

    A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction For Deck Waterproofing Temecula

    Let’s help you safeguard your deck from water damage. We have the skills and tools to do a perfect job. We will save you the money, and your deck will last for many decades after we are done with it.

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