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    You probably don’t know a lot about chimneys; that’s okay. Other than the fact that it sits right above the fireplace, most of us don’t know much else about chimneys.

    For instance, there are three types of chimney covers: caps, crowns, and chase covers. These three are pretty easy to get mixed up because they serve the same purpose. However, they differ in terms of where and why they’re used. They all sit at the top of chimneys, of course, but each of them provides various levels of protection for your home in Valley Center.

    A chimney chase cover’s purpose is self-explanatory; it protects the chase. If you don’t know what the chase is, it is the area around your chimney’s metal flue pipes. You don’t want this to be in bad condition because it will leak all over your fireplace.

    How do I know I need one?

    The biggest indicator that you need to replace your chimney chase cover is rust. If you see trails of rust down your chimney, that means parts of it have fallen apart. If not the rust, you’ll notice the pools of water around your fireplace. Sometimes a chimney chase cover will leak if it is not installed correctly or if its slope is not steep enough.

    You’re not always able to see your chimney, which means to inspect the condition of the chimney chase cover, you need to get up there. If that doesn’t sound like something you’d be comfortable doing, consider hiring a professional on an annual basis to perform checks on the chimney’s condition. This way, you’re never caught off-guard.

    What kind of chase cover do I need?

    Ideally, you want a chimney chase cover that’s resistant to rust. That’s because they protect the metal flue pipes, but also because they can be prone to rust.

    Galvanized steel is a good option, and so is aluminum. Of course, there are chimney chase covers made from much cheaper metals—iron and the likes—but these succumb to rust very quickly.

    Apart from the material, you also need to consider the specific design of your prefabricated chimney. Your chase cover needs to have the right dimensions and taper to provide adequate protection.

    How do I keep my chimney chase cover in good condition?

    Chimney chase covers need attention every so often. The occasional glance upwards on your way into the house is okay, but it is a must that you give it a close inspection at least once a year.

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