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    Did you know that badly soiled solar panels can experience a 20% decline in energy?

    This is one of the many reasons to regularly clean you solar panels. If you’re wondering just how to do it, and when, then read on.

    Benefits of Cleaning your Solar Panels

    Solar panels are vulnerable to several types of environmental soiling, which can severely hamper their performance. Dust is a major issue as it builds up over time, leaving a layer of grime. A light layer of dust will wash off in the rain, but in areas that record little rainfall or are next to farmland or heavy traffic, dust can accumulate into a thick layer, blocking the sun’s rays. This can result in a 20% energy decline. Rain also carries small dust particles that are dry on to the panels as the water evaporates, so you can’t rely on rain alone to clean your panels year-round.

    If your house is near deciduous trees, fallen leaves can cause severe energy loss. Leaves are designed to block light effectively and rainfall won’t clear them from the roof, especially if your panels are tilted at 5% or less, as rain and decomposing foliage will pool on flat solar panels and leave dust and debris as the water evaporates.

    Bird droppings are also a big enemy of clean panels. They’re heavier, stickier and thicker than dust, and definitely won’t be cleared by rain. Unfortunately, there aren’t many ways of preventing birds from leaving droppings on your roof, so installing a string inverter is the next best option. In this method, and inverter is attached to each solar panel, and illuminates which areas are covered by droppings by tracking current flow.

    How Often Should I Clean my Solar Panels?

    Your solar panels should be cleaned at least annually, but 2-3 times a year is ideal. Late spring and autumn are great times to get them shiny again, as you can combine the service with gutter and roof maintenance.

    If you live in a dry, windy area, near heavy traffic or farmland, or are in an area with trees close to the house, consider getting your panels cleaned more often, such as every two months. Remember, the cleaner the panels, the quicker your solar investment will pay out.

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