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    If you have a fireplace or combustion heater then you probably know how important it is to properly maintain it. You want the fire and all its byproducts to stay on the inside of the heater and not end up burning down or polluting your home. You may not have considered the risks involved with the part of the heater that pokes out the top of your roof though. Here are a few reasons why the chase cover on top of your heater’s chimney is important to the safety and integrity of your home.

    First though, let’s talk about what chimney chase covers actually are. Basically, the chase cover goes over the opening at the top of your chimney to block it off from the elements and pests while still letting smoke out. It is generally used with the pre-fabricated factory made chimneys found on modern combustion heaters, rather than on older brick chimneys. Chimney chase covers are usually made from galvanized steel and similar materials, so over time they can corrode and will eventually need replacing. If you live in or near Vista and need new Vista chimney chase covers then you can give A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction a call to get them replaced.

    So here’s why you need these covers on the top of your chimney, and why you should get them replaced when they are old or damaged.

    Chimney chase covers keep the rain out of your chimney.

    Without a cover on your chimney, rain can flow straight down into the firebox of your heater. In addition to causing issues in heavy rain, even a little bit of moisture accumulating in the firebox will eventually rust it out. The chimney chase cover is designed to block rain from going down the chimney and also to deflect it from the exterior of the chimney as much as possible to limit corrosion of the chimney flue.

    If the cover becomes corroded, loose, or damaged then rain can leak down into the chimney. Over time this will corrode the chimney and potentially result in leaks which will allow combustion fumes to pollute your house.

    Chimney chase covers stop birds and other pests from getting into the chimney.

    Most small animals are on a constant lookout for alcoves to investigate for food and shelter. Your chimney can be an appealing find for an animal in need of a new home. While your heater is probably sealed up even when the fire isn’t needed, having an animal trapped in the firebox can be annoying. It can also be difficult to get the animal out without harming it or having it escape into your home.

    Chimney chase covers are designed with mesh and other construction methods that let smoke out effectively without letting pests find their way down your chimney.

    Chimney chase covers prevent the wind from blowing into your chimney.

    If the top of your chimney is exposed to the wind then you can encounter some annoying effects as the wind blows over the chimney top. Depending on the direction and speed of the wind you can get some sounds resonating down the chimney that can be aggravating when you are trying to sleep or relax.

    A loose or damaged chimney cover will be jostled by the wind and may eventually come off entirely as a result. The vibration caused by a loose cover being shaken by the wind may also cause cracks to form in the seals around the chimney that keep moisture from entering your roof.

    If you need covers added on top of your existing chimneys or need the ones you have replaced then A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction can help you out with new Vista chimney chase covers. A DUIN-IT Roofing & Construction have professional chimney and roofing experts available to do all of your roofing repairs, renovations, and replacements in and near Vista. So call today and get your chimney chase covers and other roofing problems fixed as soon as possible.

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