Fallbrook Chimney Chase Covers

If you have a prefabricated roof, i.e., a roof that was prebuilt in a factory before it was installed on your house, one of the things you’ll need to replace from time to time is the chimney chase cover. Chase covers are metallic lids designed to protect the chimney and your house from leaks, debris, and critters. They are essential to the lifespan of your chimney and your roof.

Murrieta Chimney Chase Covers

A chimney chase cover is a metal structure placed on top of a chimney chase to protect the chimney against weather elements, debris, and animals. As such, they are an essential part of the maintenance of your fireplace and often the first place you should look at when having issues with your chimney. The chase covers usually come with extended sloping sides to direct water away from the chimney and the sides of the chase. Chimney chase covers are available in different metal materials, but the major four kinds are…